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Emerging Innovators – Student Research Publications

Original Human-Centric solutions designed by High-School students, using Whole-Systems-Design-Thinking process.

Human-Centric Solutions is an approach to product/solution development that puts people first and focusses on user needs, desires and abilities at the center of the development process.

** Whole Systems Design Thinking is an approach that aims to integrate social, economic and environmental factors, interrelationships, and phenomena into a comprehensive design solution

Science Research Papers & Publications

Green Kids Now’s Mission: Our mission is to help kids take the path of innovation by utilizing STEM areas (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), while being responsible and caring towards our planet.

By nature, children are curious. Green Kids Now encourgages children to ask questions, be curious, and explore solutions and answers.

Science and Research are formalized curiosity!

Research publications at other professional organizations

Title: Flash Floods Research & Predication Model
Team: Pavan Raj Gowda – 8th grade
Omkaar Buddhikot – 8th grade
Akhil Subbarao – 10th grade
Research Paper Published on DICCE.SRI.COM (Click on the image below to read the paper)

Presentation of Flash Floods Research, at the 4th annual, Green Kids Conference: