Research Papers

Emerging Innovators – Student Research Publications

Original Human-Centric solutions designed by High-School students, using Whole-Systems-Design-Thinking process.

Human-Centric Solutions is an approach to product/solution development that puts people first and focusses on user needs, desires and abilities at the center of the development process.

** Whole Systems Design Thinking is an approach that aims to integrate social, economic and environmental factors, interrelationships, and phenomena into a comprehensive design solution

Research publications at other professional organizations

Title: Flash Floods Research & Predication Model
Team: Pavan Raj Gowda – 8th grade
Omkaar Buddhikot – 8th grade
Akhil Subbarao – 10th grade
Research Paper Published on DICCE.SRI.COM (Click on the image below to read the paper)

Presentation of Flash Floods Research, at the 4th annual, Green Kids Conference: