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Green Kids Now’s Mission: Our mission is to help kids take the path of innovation by utilizing STEM areas (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), while being responsible and caring towards our planet.

By nature, children are curious. Green Kids Now encourgages children to ask questions, be curious, and explore solutions and answers.

Science and Research are formalized curiosity!


Biomimicry Presentation

Biomimicry presentation at the 3rd, Green Kids Conference, by Dr. Christopher Viney. Professor & Founding Faculty – UC Merced School of Engineering, – June 1st, 2013.

Biomimicry – An Overview:

by, Pavan Raj Gowda

Green Chemistry– An Overview:

Green Chemistry presentation at the 5th, Green Kids Conference, by Dr. Martin J. Mulvihill, Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry -June 13th, 2015


Green Chemistry -Eco Company TV segment



Climate Science and Oceanography

Climate Science & Oceanography presentation by Professor Dr. Robert Dunbar, Stanford University, at the 2nd Green Kids Conference – June 10th, 2012