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Email: info(at)greenkidsnow.org

All appropriate work submitted will be reviewed and published on www.greenkidsnow.org with credits to the submitter clearly stated. Work MUST be original, and produced by students’ less than 18 years of age.

If your work demonstrates passion and leadership for the environment, then submit your application for the Green Champ award!

Please email us only digital copies of your work, we do not need originals.


Here are some ways you could join the rest of the green kids now, either as an individual, school, club, community group/team, and share your work with the rest of the kids around the world. (New ideas are always welcome) All work must be related to environment care and sustainability only. Kids of all ages are welcome to participate.


  1. Submit News Articles on things that happen in your local community
  2. Short stories
  3. Essays
  4. Poems

  1. Digital copy of your Drawings /Paintings
  2. Photographs
  3. Digital copy of Structures or displays made from trash (materials that are thrown away)

  1. Science Experiments
  2. Articles on science facts

  1. Research articles on any topic related to environmental concerns and sustainability
  2. Education video documentaries (not to exceed 15 minutes)

  1. Share the details of environment projects/programs in your local community or school, lead by children

  1. Submit your tips ( 1 to 5 sentences for each tip)


  1. Digital copy of games and toys created by kids using recycled materials /trash. Submit step by step instructions to develop your eco-game/toy, so other kids around the world could also enjoy it.

Watch this inspirational Speech, by 5 year old, Amita Gowda:

Neha’s eco-friendly Halloween costume:

My sister had an eco-friendly costume. It was a tootsie roll. Me and my mom made it for her. We used old, hard paper, tablecloths, and big white plastic bags. She liked it a lot. It didn’t cost a lot, because we reused things that we already had. My sister won first prize in a costume contest at Shinn Park! Me and my mom enjoyed making it for her.
Neha halloween costume

2014-11-16 14.31.26 Neha Panda, a second grader, entered a “value of service learning” essay contest organized by Olive children’s Foundation where she wrote about her participation in Green kids activities ..and she won Honorable Mention with some monetary reward as well. Congratulations Neha!

***Read Neha’s Essay***

Thanks to Nivedha Srinivasan from Fremont, CA, USA, for showing how to make our own puzzles! —Stick a picture on a cardboard and cut it into small pieces.

Candy Bowl and Ball-Toss Game made from a plastic bottle, by Pavan Raj Gowda, Fremont, CA