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A unique workshop for K-12 students that teaches the new nature inspired methodologies and

principles for Systems/Solutions Design Thinking and the Art of Sustainable Innovation, the much needed “STEM Plus” skillsets for the 21st century!

STEM Plus Workshop: Learning to be an Innovator

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An Overview of STEM Plus Workshop – Learning to be an Innovator

Workshop Need: From the 18th century there have only been 5 major real waves of innovation – like the steam engine, electricity, electronics, digital networks, etc. It is predicted that the sixth wave of innovation would come from the fields like Biomimicry / Green Chemistry / Industrial Ecology / Sustainability, etc. Several industries have already started to adopt these new areas and are striving to become the next generation leaders. Higher education institutions have started to offer programs in these areas as well. However, in the K-12 education space there is a huge vacuum and it is this generation that would be going to the workforce around 2020. It has become extremely crucial to start teaching these new skillsets to the current K-12 students, so they can emerge as our next generation innovators. These areas are called as “STEM Plus” skillsets. (* STEM – Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)


Workshop Description: This workshop falls under the STEM Plus category. It introduces students to Biomimicry- the new method of innovation, and clearly explains how and why industries are adopting it. It also introduces to Green Chemistry and Industrial designing. The workshop will be structured in four formats – lectures, discussion seminars, hands-on activities, and student presentations. Students will work in teams and will be encouraged to debate about the scientific concepts and observations. Students will be introduced to the Solutions Development Life Cycle.

This course offers experiential, project-based learning with focus on social responsibility. It has technology based activities & develops professional skills. Students make observations, conduct research, apply their acquired knowledge, identify their own passion and potential, learn basic economy & market functions, take on real-life problems and design sustainable solutions. Students turn the problems around them into ideas and opportunities, and gain transformational knowledge, that helps them beyond school!

This is a true interdisciplinary course, & the projects are based on current real-life issues.

Skills gained by students at end of course:

Workshop Duration: One week – 5 days – 9 AM to 3 PM

The structure for the days will have 4 formats

– lectures, discussion seminars, hands-on activities, and student presentations

Day 1 – Biomimicry

Day 2 – Green Chemistry

Day 3 – Industrial Designing

Day 4 – Solutions Development Life Cycle

Day 5 – Learning to Implement Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Solutions Development Life Cycle which will incorporate the knowledge and results of the activities from the past 4 days, and each team will be presenting their designs at the end.

We can teach this workshop as an after-school enrichment, broken down into multiple smaller sessions.

Total number of students in one class: 25 students per class

Recommended Age groups:

– Upper Elementary

– Middle School

– High School

Prerequisites for students: Must have keen interest to learn, and be an active participant and positive team player. (All materials for hands-on activities and laptops for team work and presentation will be provided) (Students could bring their own laptops if they prefer, but it is not required)

Cost per student:

All fees to be made payable to “Green Kids Now”.

One Week Full Time: $400 + materials fee, per student

Smaller sessions of 1 hr:30 mins duration: $20 + materials fee, per student per session

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