Speaker Series

Invite youth speakers for powerful and motivational presentations and keynote speeches!


To request Climate Leader, Pavan Raj Gowda, or our other youth speakers for a presentation  please send email to:

Here are some topics that Pavan has delivered:

* Youth Speaker: “Climate Reality”: 45 to 60 minutes

* Youth Speaker: “Plastics – Hero or Villain?”: 30 to 40 minutes

* Youth Speaker: “Biomimicry – The new method of innovation”: 30 to 40 minutes

* Youth Speaker: “Striving for Zero Waste School”: 20 to 30 minutes

* Youth Speaker: “Striving for Zero Waste Community”: 30 to 40 minutes

* Youth Speaker: “Green Star School Awards Program – An Overview”: 30 minutes

Pavan has been invited for motivational guest appearances too. Please mention the topic and purpose of your meeting when submitting your request, so we can tailor to meet your meeting/event needs.

Any amount of donation is appreciated for delivering these Speaker sessions.

Email: info(at)

Other Youth Speakers available for presentations:
Topics for presentation:
* Youth Speaker, Amita Gowda and Saniha Dogganahalli can present on, “Alternate Farming Methods” and “Hydroponics” : 15 to 30 minutes