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My research program has taught me various lessons that were invaluable. I also understood the relevance of several concepts, including biomimicry, green chemistry, and industrial designing. I learned the value of whole systems design thinking, which is using sustainable and restorative ways to innovate and build, rather than looking narrowly and harming the environment. Working on my article myself and tackling problems with my own research gave me the confidence to find solutions for real world problems in the future; I truly believe that my experience allows me to look into a problem deeper and try to bring the best solution to it.

Before taking part in this research program, my ambitions regarding my career were to pursue in the field of computer science or technology. Throughout my research article drafting process, I used several modern technological devices to enhance my solution, whether it was ultrasonic sensors and its network or temperature detection gadgets. While my passion for technology pre-existed, I gradually started feeling passionate towards biomimicry as well. I suddenly realized that just like my research article, I can merge several aspects of biomimicry and technology, which is what I aspire to pursue in the future.

I have also opened countless opportunities for myself to bridge biomimicry’s and computer science’s ideologies. With my solution holding several high tech components, I can proceed with prototyping these portions of my solution.

I plunged into drafting my research paper to redesign a landfill for satisfying future needs, from the growing population to Earth’s deteriorating condition. While I was developing my solution, I was given the opportunity to compete in the Biomimicry Institute YDC National Competition. With my solution, my team and I qualified as national finalists in the competition.

In hindsight, I have found multiple ways that I could improve my solution; rather than feeling unaccomplished, I am satisfied that I can find constant ways to improve and reflect on my growth.

Overall, I have gained multi-tasking skills, the ability to look at the real world and its issues, and microscopically, the understanding of why sorting is crucial for lesser climate impact. I am ecstatic because of this experience, and I hope to continue bridging the gap between computer science and biomimicry and working in the biomimicry world.

About the Author:

Kennesha Garg is a high school student in Fremont, California, and has recently completed the Emerging Innovators Research Program.