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Green Kids Now, Inc. encourages children to lead and innovate in environment care! We should care for our planet by protecting plants, conserving energy, conserving water, adopting alternative resources, and strive for a zero waste community. We should learn from nature to meet our needs sustainably.
Clean and healthy environment is very important, so let’s bring this awareness to everyone. Let’s join together and make this planet a cleaner and better place!

Pavan Raj Gowda, Fremont, CA, USA

Social Norms

In order to achieve true environmental sustainability, the whole community needs to take action. We need to change our ways and our behaviors, and environment care and sustainability must become the social norm.

Eco-Company TV segment – Pavan-Does-It-All


Understanding Extreme Cold Spells – by, Pavan Raj Gowda
 Climate Crisis and Our Road Ahead – by, Pavan Raj Gowda

Climate Reality Leader Spotlight: Pavan Gowda  

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Green Kids Now, is

Encouraging our next generation to responsibly innovate

Innovation and Environmental Sustainability should not be considered separately. Most of the issues we are seeing today with us not knowing how to use our raw
materials and how to dispose of an item properly- like plastics, are because when people created products they did not consider these things. But now we know from
our mistakes and from the issues we are currently facing today, that the right way is for us to think about environmental sustainability from the beginning of creating
any product or solution.


“Environmental etiquette is the new norm for innovation” – Pavan Raj Gowda

3 New R’s for Our Path Forward – Click on image to read the blog, by Pavan Raj Gowda
Building Responsible Innovators:
Green Kids Conference
Submit nominations for Green Champ Award!


*** Nominee must be less than 17 years old ***

Work that demonstrates passion and leadership in environmental care and sustainability, is eligible for the award!
(Applications are accepted year round)

Green Champ Award Application
Green Champ Award Application

Bay Area People – episode on Green Kids Now’s programs:

Green Kids Now is Changing the World!

 Green Star School Awards Program


The Green Star is registered and trademarked to Green Kids Now, Inc.
Let’s encourage schools to become Green Star Schools, so we could build many more responsible innovators!
 Here’s an overview from Millard Elementary School award ceremony:


Our Latest Update

Emerging Innovators Research Publication for High School Students:

To Learn the Research Methodologies and create Sustainable Solutions for the most challenging real-world problems, register for our EMERGING INNOVATORS Classes at Children’s Innovation Center.

Click Here for Details: https://childrensinnovationcenter.org/emerging-innovators-program/

More Students-Led Campaigns:

Turtles eat jellyfish…but they do not know that these plastic-bags are not jellyfish. STOP single use plastic bags!