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All earnings from the sales of these books would go to the non-profit organization, Green Kids Now, Inc., which helps fund environmental projects lead by children.

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“Geckoboy-The Battle of Fracking” and “Two Tales from a kid” books, have been recommended and adopted by environmental educators in their curriculum and lessons.

Missouri Environmental Education Association:

 GeckoBoy – The Battle of Fracking – book appeared in the amazon’s bestseller Top 100 List –  ***Check in PDF Format ***

Geckoboy – The Battle of Fracking (Book 1)
– by, Pavan Raj Gowda

The twelve-year-old author has written a truly amazing, interesting, and thought-provoking science fiction tale. He not only uses science in very creative and imaginative ways, but also brings to light a very complex topic in such a simple way.

To add to the uniqueness of this book, the young author has also included science facts at the end, which will provide curious kids with more information.

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This is the first science fiction based on Biomimicry, and raises awareness on the side effects of fracking!

Picture: Pavan with former EPA Administrator, Ms. Lisa Jackson


Two Tales From a Kid!
– By, Pavan Raj Gowda

The young author has brought out very interesting and meaningful facts in his two tales!

In the story, The Two Lakes, a young boy Zack, is shocked to see the carelessness and irresponsibility of the people towards their environment. He struggles to bring awareness to the villagers and shows them how to care for their environment.

In the story, Don’t be Mean to Friends!, the Giant learns the importance of sharing and being nice to his friends.

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