Executive Members

Pavan Raj Gowda – Founder

Pavan founded this organization when he was only 8 years old. He is a very passionate environmentalist, and an author of two children books – “Two Tales from a kid“, and “Geckoboy – The Battle of Fracking“. At age 12, he became a professional member of NAAEE (North America Association of Environmental Education). He is a Climate Leader and Mentor, and also a member of American Association of Advancement of Science (AAAS). He served as the Principal Lead and worked along with others as a great team player. He founded the Green Kids Conference, and is a very dynamic public speaker.

Pavan is a Certified Sustainability Associate of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals!

UPDATE: Pavan has now returned to our organization as a non-voting Board Advisor. He is also helping other businesses and other community organizations with data-driven strategies for sustainability initiatives.

Email: info(at)greenkidsnow.org

  Shanti Balaraman – President and CEO: As the president and the chief executive officer of the incorporation; her duties are to preside at all meetings of the members and of the board; shall have the general management of the affairs of the incorporation and sees that all orders and resolutions of the board are carried into effect. Shanti Balaraman is an accomplished IT professional, Cyber-Security and Environmental Sustainability champion, with more than 20 years of Enterprise experience. Shanti is passionate about Transformative Education in K-12 education system, with a clear vision on how to prepare students beyond their classroom, with the skillsets they need to be successful in the 21st century. She is dedicated to helping kids become “responsible” innovators, leaders, and citizens.

Click Here  to read Shanti’s profile published by Microsoft Alumni

Email: president(at)greenkidsnow.org

Madhavee Buddhikot – Treasurer and Executive Director – Lead for Science Research, and Co-leads Jr, Scientists and Innovators competition: As a treasurer she manages the financial conditions and responsibilities of the incorporation, and co-leads our Science and Innovation program. She holds Ph.D (Biochemistry) and is an experienced researcher. Currently, she is a Global Operations Manager at Molecular Devices, LLC. She is passionate about teaching science to kids.
Vinutha Hosahalli – General Secretary and Executive Director – Lead for Environmental Art exhibit, and Co-Lead for Community events planning: As the secretary she manages book keeping and communications as assigned, and leads our awareness efforts at schools. She holds MS in Environmental Engineering. Experienced in water quality sampling/testing and waste water treatment. She has great research experience in Recycle & Reuse of biodegradable waste. She enjoys teaching kids.
Natarajan Gowda – Board Member – Community Outreach and Fundraising

Natarajan Gowda has been involved for more than 30+ years in various community development projects and has volunteered at many organizations. His ability to understand the issues with true compassion and work towards solving the issues is quite remarkable.

He has been a very reliable volunteer for Green Kids Now, and understands our mission and goals. As a Board Member, he is committing to help increase our  community outreach and bring in opportunities to expand our programs.


Amita Gowda – Youth Board Advisor: Amita in Grade 11 has been contributing as the youth board advisor for three years now. She has been a passionate volunteer for several years with Green Kids Now,  and is an excellent public speaker and journalist. She raises awareness on various environmental topics. Currently, she is also leading these two projects “STOP Plastic Produce Bags” and “STOP Plastic Toothbrush Pollution”.