Press Releases & Feedback

Press Releases & Feedback

GeckoBoy – The Battle of Fracking – book appeared in the amazon’s bestseller Top 100 List

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Spotlight published by Stanford’s EPGY (Educational Program for Gifted Youth) – Read Online
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Read – May 2014 – EPGY Newsletter Spotlight

Student Spotlight published by Basis Independent Silicon Valley – Read online
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PeerSpring created a profile about Pavan, to inspire other children.
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Alameda County – Community Recognition: (published on 07/11/14): ***Read in PDF Format***

Teen Kids News – Read the article online
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ABC Eyewitness News (Publihed on April, 11, 2014)
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San Jose Mercury News / Fremont Bulletin Newspaper: (published on 04/22/2014) ***Read in PDF Format ***

Fremont Herald News (Published on 04/13/2014) *** Read in PDF Format ***

Alameda County – Community Recognition: (published on 05/03/13)
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“First Here, Then Everywhere” is an initiative founded by a current Harvard student. Pavan has been featured on August 16, 2013, and a short interview of Pavan is also posted. Featured initiative:!green-kids-now-/c6mi Featured Interview:!gkn-interview/c1kqn
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SBN International Youth Award: (December, 2011 – Melbourne, Australia) *** Read the Media announcement ***

Bay Area Parent Magazine, Silicon Valley Edition, May 2011 (page 22) *** Click here to read the article ***

“Mr. Khosla wanted to let you know he has thoroughly enjoyed reading about Pavan. Please relay to Pavan that we are very appreciative of the work he is doing and encourage him to continue on his path. We are glad you will be joining us at the POST event.” – Mr. Dawn Piazza for Mr. Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures, former CEO of Sun Microsystems)

“Fantastic! We need to hear from the kids! Good luck! We will publicize in our website.” – Melinda MacNaughton from

“This is a great program, congratulations to the youngsters. the only advise I could offer is to try to focus on solutions and direct the energy that way.” – Late, Mr. Bob Wasserman. Former Mayor, City of Fremont, CA. USA (2009)

“Wow, this is really a great effort and cool website!” – Ms. Ivy Wu, Fremont Unified School District, Board member, CA, USA


“Pavan, thanks for all that you do. You are my new green hero!” – Mr. Ed Begley Jr. (Hollywood Actor and Environmentalist)

From: Peggy B
Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2010 9:54 AM
Subject: Two Tales from a Kid
Dear Pavan, I am visiting Kumasi, Ghana in West Africa, and I brought along two copies of your inspiring book, Two Tales from a Kid. So far, I have read your book to four children, and we discussed the importance of keeping our environment clean. The story about The Two Lakes really seems to have made an impact on the children. I just returned from taking a long walk with 7-year old Kwame. In the past, Kwame may have discarded his juice carton along the side of the road. Instead, he carried it until he could find a trash can. Kumasi has a long way to go before it will look like Sister Lake, but Kwame will do his part and spread the word about the importance of keeping the streets of Kumasi clean.
Thank you, Pavan, for sharing your important message with the world.
Peggy Burns, San Diego, CA

From: Peggy B
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 2:40 AM
Subject: Re: Two Tales from a Kid
Dear Pavan, Yesterday, Kwame and I walked past a very filthy pond in the city of Kumasi. It was filled with trash, and gave off a horrible odor. Kwame immediately commented that it looked like “Brother Lake,” and the people need to care more for their environment. We talked about how every individual around the world is responsible for taking care of our precious planet. He promised to tell his friends about this when he returns to school next week.
Thanks again for your great work.
With Warm Regards,
Peggy Burns, San Diego, CA

June – 2013: Out & About Magazine article Out & About
– Cover – June 2013 Out & About
– Pg 52 and 53 Article Title: Never too Young to Change the World

TriCity Voice News Articles

Tri-City Voice Newspaper article : The article on Pavan’s Eco Hero award recognition was published on June 15 weekend edition. There is a teaser photo at the top of the front page and the article can be found on page 7:

Tri-City Voice Newspaper article published on December 27, 2011 issue on page 20 :

Tri-City Voice Newspaper article published on July 19, 2011 issue on page 4 :

Tri-City Voice Newspaper article on March, 11, 2011: Photo on the front page, with the article on page 34. The links are below:

Tri-City Voice Newspaper article on June, 14, 2010:

Tri-City Voice Newspaper article on June, 22, 2010:

Pavan featured in Sunday Times Newspaper, in Colombo, Sri Lanka (April 29th, 2012)


Argus Newspaper article on June 27, 2010:


Fremont Bulletin Newspaper article, published on June 11, 2010:


News Article published by Vidya Pradhan On 02-14-2010,

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Comments from Glenmoor Elementary 4th grade teacher