Understanding 5G

5G is an acronym for 5th generation cellular network technology which is soon becoming a vital element for our future towns and cities. 5G promises lighting fast speed with less lag and is about 40x faster than the previous 4G. This offers super-fast transfer of data, opening numerous avenues to advance other technologies and innovations. What kind of benefits does it immediately provide and are there any other consequences?

Some cell phone companies propose that it will help reduce traffic congestion with in-ground motion sensors and micro raiders to reduce traffic/stops and by doing that, it also reduces tons of gas emissions every year. Cities that tap into the power of 5G connectivity — like Sacramento, which will be one of the first 5G cities—are better equipped to drive improvement in public safety (smart street lights, remote security monitoring), transit (intelligent rail, smart parking), utilities (water treatment and management), public Wi-Fi access and emergency preparedness.

The main reason why many countries are competing for 5G is because that country can become the ideal smart city/country of tomorrow. Also, it empowers military to obtain fast and accurate data, so they will be able to make vital decisions. Information is power and having the ability to obtain all the information needed within a short timeframe, drastically improves the decision making process.

If 5G is all that beneficial then why do people protest it? Does it really impose any danger to us? From the various reputable sources such as Federal Communications Commission, World Health Organization, American Cancer Society, etc. it is clearly stated that there is no danger to our lives and no proof that it causes cancer. So, don’t fall for the false propaganda. Honestly, I fell victim to the false propaganda on 5G, and was awakened by the correct information from the reputable and credible sources.

To be on the cautious side, I think that we should avoid 5G towers in heavily populated areas and near schools. Also, with this ability to transfer such vast amount of data in a very short time, we need to ensure that hackers will not be able to get access to it. Newer cyber security initiatives are crucial in protecting the data and the people. 5G is indeed very promising and will become the enabling technology for many other innovations. As we embrace this new 5G technology, let’s also put in effort to ensure both the people’s health and information are protected.

About the Author: 

Moman A, Grade 9