Fremont Earth Day Fair – 2010:

Date(s) - 04/24/2010
12:00 am

Fremont Earth Day Fair – 2010:

– by, Pavan Raj Gowda

On Saturday April 24th, 2010, Green Kids Now, Inc participated in the Earth Day Fair at Central Park, Fremont City. This was a very fun event, that was also very successful. The earth day fair is an excellent event to raise awareness about environment care.
During the fair, Green Kids Now asked the kids to pledge to care for the environment. A total of 54 kids pledged to become a green kid! We also had a survey for the adults. The survey had 2 simple questions:
1. Have you replaced all the bulbs in your house to CFL / energy saving bulbs?
2. Do you use Styrofoam plates and cups for your parties?
A total of 147 people participated in this survey. Here are the results from our survey.
This year our focus was to reach to the kids and bring awareness on simple things that we could take action on immediately. The displays on our table had suggestions through art work, which was contributed by Glenmoor Elementary School kids.
At the earth day fair there was a funny puppet show that taught us to never throw trash in creeks, lakes, and rivers, because all the stuff will go to the bay, and will affect the sea animals.
One thing that I would have liked to see better was more participation from more kids. Next year, we are planning on explaining the science and show projects on environment care.
The best part was seeing kids pledging to become a green kid!
I look forward to participating again next year!


Pictures with Mr. Ken Pianin and Ms. Chanel Kincaid, Environment Services Division, City of Fremont

Kids pledging at our table
Kids pledging at our table
Mr. Bob Wieckowski, Vice Mayor, Fremont City
Mr. Bob Wieckowski, Vice Mayor, Fremont City