Date(s) - 04/21/2012
12:00 am

Fremont Earth Day Fair – 2012

On Saturday, April 21, 2012, Green Kids Now participated in the Earth Day Fair at Washington Hospital in Fremont, CA. This year our focus was to raise awareness on Biomimicry and innovations using nature’s principles. Our Biomimicry exhibit was very educational and fun. We had many examples of Biomimicry, like the shark inspired swimsuit and the lotus leaf inspired self-cleaning surface. Also, in our Biomimicry exhibit we had some interesting and thought provoking games. For example, one game was a matching game where people had to match products with the inspirations from nature that helped with the creation of the products. The other game that we had was the beehive challenge were people had to try to build their own beehives by using their own design and shapes other than the natural design. The purpose of this game is to show that the hexagon is the best shape for a beehive and instead of finding the answer ourselves; we can instead copy the principles from nature to find answers to our most challenging problems that we face today. It was very satisfying to see people learn and ask more questions in these topics. It has always been a great experience participating in the Fremont’s Earth Day Fair. I look forward to participating again next year!