Green Champ Award

Green Champ Award

Green Champ Award Application:


 (There is no deadline for this application. Nominations are accepted year round, and will be reviewed quarterly)


Send email to “” with the following details:


Note: Nominee must be 17 years or less


  1. Nominee’s Full Name
  2. Nominee’s Date of Birth
  3. Nominee’s School & Grade
  4. Nominee’s Contact info: Address, Phone, Email ID
  5. Submitter’s Full Name
  6. Submitter’s Contact info: Address, Phone, Email ID
  7. Submitter’s relationship to the nominee
  8. Description of Nominee’s contributions and efforts demonstrating leadership and stewardship towards the environment. ( 400 to 500 words essay)
  9. Images or other forms of proof

We look forward to receiving your nomination!





Champ Sharvesh, a 9-year-old in India embarked on a marathon run for 14 days spanning around 750 Kilometers (466 miles) from Kanyakumari to Chennai City, with the aim to raise awareness about the UN-Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Along the way, he was greeted by many leaders and the public who gathered in large numbers to support and encourage him. He handed over flags and flyers depicting the various SDG Goals to the government officials. Young Sharvesh weathered heavy rains across the entire stretch to near the completion of the 750 km long journey. All along the marathon run, he scattered 200,000 seedballs in the open areas along the highway.

We are proud to recognize Champ Sharvesh with the Green Champ Award and wish him the very best to continue his environmental stewardship and inspire others to take action!


Green Champ Award Winner 2021

GREEN CHAMP AWARD – Q1, 2021Winner: Sri Nihal Tammana, a 6th grader from New Jersey, USA, has started a non-profit organization called, “Recycle My Battery” (Tax ID: 85-2206747). His team of 50+ kids have recycled 45000+ used batteries and are rallying hard to raise awareness and convince many schools and organizations to participate in the collection and recycling of batteries. Learn more about his message and efforts here:

CONGRATULATIONS Sri Nihal Tammana on this well-deserved award! His slogan to everyone is

“If I can make the Earth a better place to live, you can! If you can make the Earth a better place to live, we all can!”

Green Champ Award Winner 2020

We are proud to announce the GREEN CHAMP AWARD WINNER for 2020.

Nickla Maggie, 9 years old from Nairobi, Kenya, has already demonstrated leadership in environmental stewardship!

She has formed a group of young kids and every month leads tree planting and cleanup events. She has planted trees since the age of 5 years in Karura forest. She has impacted the environment through recycling of bottle caps and buttons and also unclogging the drainage systems in her estate. She has taught other kids in her school to do recycling, environment cleaning and collecting of garbage in the community. She has also gone round the children homes to teach them how to do recycling.

Nickla’s sustained efforts for caring for the environment is much appreciated and we are proud to offer her the Green Champ Award for 2020!